Décor your house on a Low-Budget s1

Décor your house on a Low-Budget s1

A tight budget may prevent you from many things: travel to famous tourist attractions around the world, immerse yourself in parties with friends, go shopping without thinking about the price, … But one thing it cannot, it can’t stop you from decorating your house!

With decorating, it's often a fun challenge to make an incredible space on a low budget. It's always fun when your creative side can mesh with your fiscally responsible side!

This time, we will point out some tips to decorate your house at a low cost. (Don’t worry, it will be beautiful in its own way!)

DIY: Paint the door

It’s not only cheap to paint the door yourself but also reminds you of the art lesson when you were still at primary school. It may be a little tiring and boring if you do it alone, so let's find some teammates with you! The kid may enjoy it a little too much!

You can choose vibrant colors like lush green or cherry red to help welcome visitors. Put a rug, a painted bench, or a chair in the entry too! This can add a splash of complementary color which makes it more inviting to enter!

Get a cabinet serves multiple purposes

Usually, if you do not have such a large space in the entry, you should consider a small entryway closet. One way to dress up the limited space is with this attractive entryway storage and organizing cabinet.

Mix Up Your Bedroom Set

“If you have a dresser in a bedroom with a matching mirror, it makes the room much more interesting if you hang a different mirror over the dresser,” said Myrf Bowry, the interior designer and co-founder of Decorum Inc.

And yes, in this case, our Mouse Table Lamp or Mushroom Desk Lamp can be a nice choice! You can check out the items here:


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