Get your home vintage style!

Get your home vintage style!

Every successful interior should have one thing in common – a mix of the old and new. Not every budget can accommodate an “antiques only” look. Adding modern furniture provides a balance and a fresh touch.

Vintage style is kind of an enigma. It’s not a recognized interior design but on the flip side it’s used in interiors and furnishings all the time, so we just had to cover it.


If you’re someone who loves the vintage, rustic look of an older home, you might find the builder-grade doors and stainless steel everything in new homes cold and boring. Unless it’s a custom built-home, most new houses have straight lines and neutral colors — a look that screams NEW. And if you move your vintage furniture and decor pieces into a recently built home, they likely won’t fit or look right.

Here are a few tips that can décor your house!


Dress up your window with curtains!

The curtains can subtly soften modern windows and bring a cozy, rustic look.


Add a stair runner with brass stair rods that can give your modern-looking home a turn-of-the-century vintage look.


Mirrors can make a room feel brighter and larger, also much more glamour for a romantic vibe!

Light Fixtures

“Vintage fixtures, like classic crystal chandeliers and sconces, are great to get the vintage look and are very big again,” Harvey says. “Go with a wrought iron fixture for the rustic look.”

In this case, you can check out our Amber Vintage French style Table Set, which has a cup and candlestick. Both the cup and candlestick have small/tall sizes, it will depend on your liking or which you think will suit your house better!

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