3 Tips for The Young to Work From Home Effectively

3 Tips for The Young to Work From Home Effectively

Working from home has recently become so familiar to us due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. Working from home saves us a lot of time commuting to work but it's hard to control and enjoy. Here are 3 favorite tips that I learned after working from home for a while.

1. Keep routines and control time

It is a fact that when working from home, we often wake up later than usual, even close to work time because we do not need to go to the office or prepare too much. However, you should maintain the same waking time in the morning as before, even if you are working from home.

Control Your Time

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Some studies have shown that you won't be mentally ready to start work if you wake up too close to work. Waking up early, cleaning your rooms or houses, exercising, and cooking a nutritious breakfast gives a sense of accomplishment, which in turn creates a clear mind to start the day more effectively.

Clean Your Bed

Doing Exercise

Healthy Breakfast

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2. Create your own workspace

Many people when working from home easily fall into a state of stagnation, the level and efficiency of completing work is significantly reduced compared to when working in co-working spaces such as offices and cafes. From there, it can be seen that the workspace is also an important factor affecting the work efficiency of individuals. So one thing that you should consider when working from home is to create, organize and decorate a workspace for yourself at home.

Your Own Workspace

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A big plus of working from home is that you can decorate to your own taste without any limitations or constraints. However, you should still make sure the working corner meets some criteria such as quiet, light, neat, stable network connection and necessary items for work. If you are a nature lover then a vase of fresh flowers and a cup of coffee will be a great start to work.

Flower Body Vase

Ceramic Body Vase, Nordic Human Body Art Vases

3. Plan work and breaks

In addition to a part that is often distracted when working from home, many people also fall into the case of being too focused and engrossed in work, causing their leisure life to be turned upside down. In addition to strictly following a regular work routine, you should plan to work and rest at the beginning of each working day to maintain focus without too much stress. I usually apply the 1-10 rule, which is that for every 1 hour work, I get a 10-minute break. You can adjust it to suit your ability to focus for the best work performance. With space to rest, I highly recommend taking a walk around the house or doing a few simple stretches to relax after long sitting in front of the computer screen.

Mini Breaks

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The Covid pandemic continues to drag on and we will most likely have to work from home for much longer. So, let's start planning our workday so that we can both enjoy the comfort of home and be in the best spirit. However, don't let work overwhelm you when working from home.

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