Vintage Color Palette for your home

Vintage Color Palette for your home

These days, we often hear about the Vintage style in both fashion and house décor. So, what do you know about Vintage color? Is it just a set of colors that make you feel antique?

Of course, it’s more than that!

The retro color palette that we often see in fashion

Perhaps this color palette will come up whenever you hear about vintage, but hey, don’t get it wrong~ Retro was trendy a decade or so back meanwhile vintage is larger than that.

Vintage is defined by Ruby Lane as a product that reflects the era it was created in. So, something that was produced in the 60s that reflects the taste of that era would be considered vintage. The catch is that “vintage” is only used for stuff that’s younger than 100 years old and older than 20 years old.


A simple example of the so-called vintage style color


Vintage colors can range from vibrant diner scenes to subdued and muted tones captured on film cameras.

With such diversity in color choice, we put together some vintage color palettes to make choosing what colors to work with a little easier.


Color Palette #4239

“Country house decoration in country style is wonderfully complemented by natural textiles of discreet “burnt out” dusty blue and linen tones.”



Color Palette #3308

“The walls in the shade of coffee with milk and the floor in dark green can become the basis of the living room interior, and try emerald and burgundy colors in different proportions to give originality and elegance to the design.”



Color Palette #2802

“Harmonious, delicate, and fascinating palette. Soft transitions of calm shades gradually make us feel the another, unhurried pace.”



Color Palette #2584

“Neutral, unobtrusive color gamma. Calm, quiet colors create the aura of pacification and relaxation. Reserved colors of beige and brown are smoothened by shades of white.”


Hope this article will help you find out some color that fits your liking!

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