Vintage Style House Décor – Things you should know

Vintage Style House Décor – Things you should know

If you pick someone randomly and ask them, what do you think of vintage style, the most common answer would be “It involves a whole lot of antiques, like an old person’s house. I think so?”

(The vintage style room you may come up with)

Vintage design, according to Wikipedia, refers to an item of another era that holds important and recognizable value.

Let’s compare it with something you may feel much familiar about, classic style.

Classic style refers to a style that could not be defined and categorized as modern or old, but it fits as a trend statement in modern society, nonetheless. On the other hand, vintage style, which is the topic of our discussion, is accessorized with apparel and accessories that hint at a later era in the 20th century. Among the two, however, vintage is harder to pull off.

Vintage items spark interest in many. The United States Department of Labor tells us that, "Design and fashion trends play an important part in the production of furniture. The integrated design of the article for both esthetic and functional qualities is also a major part of the process of manufacturing furniture."

Vintage style as a design does involve an intentional use of antiques and placement to create a specific type of environment.

And yes, it is not just some old simple stuff that you can easily purchase online or get from some liquidating markets. Vintage style is more than that.

Vintage design is an approach towards utilization of antiques to give a lived-in feeling to a home or room with the placement of well-recognized items from the past, that give a visitor a sense of history, as well as creating a new space by the combination of all the parts put together a certain way.

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