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Retro Taper Glass Candle Holder

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Retro Taper Groovy Glass Candle Holder, Plating Candle Holder, Rainbow Vase

These Retro Taper Groovy Glass Candle Holders are ideal accessories to accent your home decor. Styled after the hippie-inspired groovy glass of the 1960s, this candle holder has an unadorned appearance with a wave-like taper base and chunky candle finial. The frosted pink glass gives the holder charming details that are easy on the eyes and pleasing to touch.

This groovy retro taper candle holder will fit so well in any setting. The glass is thick and sturdy, not like those flimsy cheap ones you see online and in the store. These groovy candlesticks are perfect for parties and get-togethers. The patterns are inspired by tiki bars and the grooves in the base add light reflection when a candle is lit.

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🍭Material: Glass

🍭Plating Red: Suit for candles' diameter 2.5cm

🍭Plating purple/green: suit for candles' diameter 2.8cm

🍭Garnet 2tier: Suit for candles' diameter 2.2cm

🍭Package Included: 1 x Groovy Glass Candle Holder or Rainbow Vase