About Us

Home is a special place not only to stay, but also to embrace and comfort our smiles and tears.
Ever since I was a student away from home, I have always wished to have a room where I could feel at home. But the truth is... all motel rooms are usually old and not fully furnished as I would like. So I decided to decorate my own room. Finding decorative items at that time was also not easy. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to stop our normal hustle and bustle to stay at home more. This invisibly has promoted online purchases and also the arrangement and redecoration houses of many families and young people. So, a few close friends and I came up with the idea of ​​an online store where you can find items that are both functional and decorative. We started on Etsy and our Etsy store NazmeenVakil has been in operation for 2 year with hundreds of customers and reviews. We are always trying every day to find and create new products and give our dear customers a better experience.

  Hopefully, I and my team could help more people create rooms and refresh your home that gives them the feeling of belonging and wanting to return to after a tiring day.
NazmeenDecor , all the lamps, vases, night lights, candle holders, dinnerware and drinkware that you could be looking for.
Email: support@nazmeendecor.com
Address: 13564 Gold Creek Dr, Eastvale, CA, 92880-5546, United States
Phone: +1 278-942-3026