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Aesthetic Purple Bubble Glass Vase

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Add a little color and class to any room with this gorgeous purple bubble glass vase! It is also great for cottagecore room ideas We know that great design is more than just a pretty face. That's why we make sure that every vase we sell is as functional as it is beautiful. And our Purple Bubble Glass Vase collection is no exception! Made out of soft, smooth glass, the Blue Bubble Glass Vase collection adds a minimalist, modern feel to any space it enters.

This vase is crafted using traditional bottle-making techniques, resulting in a beautifully shaped vessel that looks great on any flat surface. The mouth of the purple bubble glass vase is round and delicate, comfortable to the touch, and full of noble quality. Due to the handmade work, the size might vary slightly from pictures.

Best of all, it's easy to clean and care for—it'll look good anywhere from your kitchen table to the windowsill in your office. This purple bubble glass vase is perfect for any occasion—a wedding, an anniversary, or a housewarming party. It makes a great gift for your loved ones because it's a piece that's so special, they'll have it forever.

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🍭Material: Bubble Glass

🍭Dimension: as the photo show

🍭Package: 1 x Purple Bubble Glass Vase