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Sustainable Heat-Resistant Glass Dessert Spoons Set 3pcs

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Sustainable Heat-Resistant Glass Dessert Spoons Set 3pcs, Reusable Lollipop Glass Spoon

Is the traditional silverware too lacking in your creative life? Are you still considering upgrading your tableware to an environmentally-friendly handmade glass ware? How about these lollipop glass spoons! The colours are really cute and the shapes are really interesting.

This sweet lollipop-shaped sustainable glass spoons spoon is made of heat resistant high borosilicate glass and comes in a set of 3. You can use them as coffee spoons, mini teaspoons or dessert spoons. Beautiful, translucent glass spoon lollipops are a must for any dessert or ice cream lover. Whether you're enjoying ice cream, yogurt, pudding or something healthy like oatmeal, this sweet two-piece set of playful glass spoons will make every treat a lot more appealing (and just might convince the kids to eat more fruit, too!). Or maybe even as a gift for your friends. They would also make a colourful and unexpected gift for friends and family!

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🍭Material: High Borosilicate Glass

🍭Dimension (H x D): 12.5 cm x D 20 cm

🍭Package: Set 3 x Lolipop sustainable glass spoons

🍭Note: The spoon is handmade, so there may be some small air holes or small black spots and the handle and spoon interface may not be too flat, none of these will affect the use.